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03/31/1986 (Aries)
Eye Color
Hair Color
5' 1" (156 cm)
Body Type
Marital Status
Never married
Daughter - 2008
Level of Education
High school
Level of English*
Other languages
Lives in
Odessa, Ukraine


I am a happy young lady, who has numerous companions, with whom we have been genuine companions for quite a while. Possibly we see each other not much but rather we realize that we would have terrible occasions, we will be as one. This is I name as a genuine kinship. I am a quiet limited individual. I know where I have to remain quiet and where I have to talk. Individuals state I am excessively kind; I generally attempt to clear an individual for what he has done. Possibly I am fouling up yet I am genuine. This is the thing that I am. My companions love me for these highlights) I generally attempt to keep reality. By the by, here and there I need to dream. To dream about my future life, however sadly we can't do it, in actuality. 


One of my preferred undertakings is to discover a photograph of a fascinating hairdo and attempting to establish out how to do it) what's more, I am keen on games, since game is my past. It is engaging to recollect things I have done before. I am enamored with moving, particularly if the music is quick. I can even say that the vast majority of my life I go through with moves. 

Her Type of Man 

I don't have a perfect man. However, I have a few criteria with which man can connect me) I was experienced childhood in a family where a man was getter and a lady was a guardian of our home fire) Maybe from that point forward I need to discover an individual who will treat me like my dad treats my mother. I need to be certain that my man will be with me, that he can give our family I won't sit at home constantly. I would work and keep our home clean. I need my man to be genuine and understanding. I need to realize that he adores me and never double-cross me. I need a man with whom subsequent to tiring working day we can sit before the TV and embrace one another.
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